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APSS decreases the consumed current from the source (without decreasing the load current) which leads to the losses decrease in the network.


With the world growth and development, the problem of limited power became apparent.

Limited energy became one of the main problems that scientists, engineers, and institutions worldwide worked to overcome.

As it is known, electrical consumption operates mainly on Alternating Current (AC).

Today, EngTech presents the latest breakthrough in power saving systems, the APSS (Active Power Saving System).

APSS is the result of 15 years research and development in the field of energy saving. When applied to an electrical network, APSS reduces the amount of consumed active power and hence the operational cost of fuel and equipment.

When applied to an electrical network, APSS reduces the amount of consumed active power and hence the operational cost of fuel and equipment.

APSS solves common network problems as illustrated in the following table:

  • Contracted electricity bills, or the cost of power production (Fuel, Equipment usage etc.) , where applicable.
  • The inefficiency of the Power Factor Correction Panels.
  • The presences of Harmonics which adds losses and causes problems in the network.
  • The unbalance of loads that leads to the increase of the current that goes through the neutral cable.
  • Voltage drops and instabilities.
  • APSS provides a saving between 20% and 40% of the consumed active power without affecting the load, rendering a saving of the same percentage on energy subscription/ production costs.
  • APSS achieves the best power factor relative to the load without additional modifications.
  • APSS treats in most applications the harmonics without adding additional components to the network.
  • APSS balances the network loads and provides efficient load‐sharing, therefore minimizing the current going through the neutral cable.

Testimonials “Installing APSS System”

The cable losses are proportional to the square of the current value (this squared value is added to the counters readings of the KW. hr), i.e.: reducing the consumed current by 20% reduces significantly the cable losses. General compensation could be applied for a group of loads or a complete network by installing the system on the main feeders’ bus bars as long as the network is stable.

This application is recommended when the loads of the network are not stable or are allocated away from each other. Basant Tech carries a site inspection and loads studies then recommends the best solution to the client.

What are the benefits of APSS?

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