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Khaled Al-Shammeri

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We have what it takes to be great. Shared values that we live, a well-understood and effective culture, a time-tested business model. A proven strategy and goals, an operating philosophy, Sustainable competitive advantages. The know-how to execute well. Most of all: great people Our formula for greatness starts and ends with people: “Mind share plus heart share equals market share.

have proved that the traditional method of Construction in the New Economy must now give way to the “Solution” way of carrying on the business. In our quest to jump to the 21st century and to increase our value between the clients satisfaction, we have acquired new technologies to spur our Company’s future growth. To this end, we have deployed leading edge high standard fully integrated Power saving solution to complement our forward-looking Power saving strategy.

Prefer to clarifying roles to improve effectiveness and reduce conflicts, acting as a front line at times and behind the scene at other times, putting the employees touch to make sure that employees are fairly treated and given a proper chance. I enjoy feeling connected and putting to use how Iam as well as what I know.

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