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At EngTech we provide consulting services in Engineering and Implementation of its infrastructure, which broadly meet the requirements and expectations of those involved in our different services, as well as the applicable standards; To this end, EngTech has implemented and certified a documented and Integrated Management System, aligned to compliance with ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment and ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Standards. Our goal is to provide Quality Engineering services that meet the expectations of our customers and those involved in the service, that is why the implementation of this Integrated Management System.

We have the license of two sites in Jahra one of them with space of 50,000 Square Meter. We are utilizing one site to dig for sand, and one for installing sand washing planets from the Ministry of Commerce. We are capable to provide our customers with all types of sand which is following the Kuwait specifications.

We promote a culture of occupational risk prevention and occupational health, through a commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks to the extent reasonable, encouraging the participation and consultation of workers and their representatives. In addition to protecting the environment, preventing environmental pollution and complying with other specific commitments relevant to our context, all for the Mining, Construction, Industry and Electric Power Sector.
The scope of this certification is:

“Services of Construction Consulting and / or Elaboration of Technical Records in the Specialties of Electromechanics, Energy, Telecommunications and Automation, for Profile Studies, Basic Engineering, Definitive Engineering in Detail Engineering”

Development of documentation related of projects feasibility, project bid process and project deployment in the fields of Telecommunications, Automation, Energy and Electromechanics.



TIP EngTech for each of the quality, safety and health management systems at work and environment, it is proposed that:


Comprehensively manage your processes, maintain the right levels of control to ensure the quality of your services and the satisfaction of the needs of your stakeholders, as well as the fulfillment of the requirements applicable to your operations, having as the main axis of your organizational performance the continuous improvement of your Management System.

Safety and Health at Work

That, as a measure to manage the dangers and risks associated with business activities, manifests its commitment to providing safe and healthy working conditions for its workers, complying with legal requirements and other requirements, joining efforts to eliminate hazards and reduce risks, ensuring consultation and participation of workers and continuously improving the Management System.


Aware of the environmental impact generated by business activities, it expresses its commitment to environmental protection including pollution prevention, complying with legal requirements and other requirements applicable to its context and continuously improving the Integrated Management System to ensure the improvement of environmental performance.

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