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Amazing Rubber Products which combine safety & durability with aesthetics & comfort.


Rubber Material

We Carry Residential And Commercial Rubber Flooring Designed For Multiple Uses. You Can Create A Durable, Safe, Quiet, Comfortable, And Protective Floor Covering Within Minutes. We Carry Both Interlocking Rubber Tiles And Rubber Flooring Rolls. Our Rubber Flooring Is Ideal For Any Indoor Sports Facility. Create A Safe Environment By Using Shock Absorbent And Durable Rubber Flooring In Your Sports Facility, Commercial Gym, Or Home Gym. Increase the Longevity of Your Rubber Flooring With Our Rubber Flooring Cleaner, And Finisher & Sealer Options. Our Rubber Flooring Rolls And Interlocking Tiles Will Improve Your Walkways, Entrances, Gyms, Workout Rooms, Basements, Office Buildings And More.

Our dedication to the ecosystem is an important part of our business ethos. Driven by this mission, we have invested in state of the art European origin machinery to find effective quality solutions and applications to recycle used.

Our Product

Rubber Tile
Rubber Gym Tiles
Rubber Farm
Rubber Flooring Rolls
Rubber Powder
Pyrolysis oil

Our environment

EngTech Recycling specializes in responsible end of life Tyre disposal and recycling. We reprocess car, truck and agricultural Tyres, providing a hassle free, convenient and cost-effective service. 

We can cover all of Kuwait , fleet and trucks can carry waste, used, and damaged Tyre and delivered it to the processing plant. Our specialist Tyre shredding equipment turns your scrap Tyre’s into material suitable for a variety of recreational and industrial purposes.

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